Ballistic Recovery Parachute Systems Now Available


Evolution Aircraft is very pleased to announce that all the Evolution Airframe Kits can now be equipped with a Ballistic Recovery Parachute System by BRS Aerospace. This recovery system is specifically designed for aircraft in the weight and performance class of the Evolution and will be included as standard equipment for the Evolution Turbine and Optional in the Piston Evolution kits.

The system, known by Evolution Aircraft as Evolution Emergency Airframe Parachute System, or EEAPS, will provide that extra level of safety for a pilot and his or her passengers should they come to realize that the pilot is incapacitated or the aircraft is severely damaged, uncontrollable, or otherwise incapable of further flight. The BRS system has proven to be a lifesaver in various situations with 324 documented lives saved to date.


Evolution Aircraft welcomes BRS Aerospace recent ASTM qualification of a new and innovative parachute system with state of the art technology that allows installation on aircraft in the weight class of the Evolution Aircraft with significantly less weight and volume than previous systems currently in the market. As a result, Evolution Aircraft and BRS Aerospace brought together their 35 years of safety in aviation to develop a joint project aimed at designing a state of the art integration of the system into the Evolution airframe. Evolution Aircraft is proud to be affiliated with BRS and their extraordinary lifesaving technology.