With over 85 Evolutions now flying and over 25,000 fleet hours, there is no doubt the Evolution has met the original design goals for comfort and speed.

The choice you now have is no longer between fast and slow, but between fast and near jet speeds. The turbine is simply the very best performing 4 place you can buy.

The Lycoming powered Evolution offers all the same comfort, safety, and beauty of the turbine; but as a much more efficient and cost effective package. That is not to say it is not fast. When it comes to speed, there is still no other piston powered kit or certified 4 place aircraft that can come close.


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Step 1 Configure

The Evolution is the very first “digital kit” aircraft designed to be assembled by an owner builder with a minimum number of man hours (1500 hours or less) while requiring virtually no customization. Using premier design software SOLIDWORKS, as well as extensive Finite Element Analysis, and aerodynamic modeling, the tools and molds that are used to make the parts of the Evolution are created from the same digital files that define the design, resulting in repeatability and precision fits.

Step 2 Build

An Evolution can be built and ready to fly in about 7 months after our two week pre-build program in Redmond, Oregon. In just two weeks the airframe is structurally complete and ready to start installing the systems. After this time, owners enjoy the advice and assistance provided in our professional builder assist centers who manage all of the work not required by the FAA to comply with the FAA Advisory Circular AC 20-27G (51% rule).

Step 3 Fly

Building and flying your Evolution is one of the most exciting adventures you will ever experience. To support your mission, our single goal is to ensure you and your family enjoy many years of safe and reliable operation. This includes expert inspections and test flights conducted by certified professionals upon completion of your airplane before you get in the cockpit.

To complete the required 40 hours of test flying, we suggest that you work with one of our certified instructors. Three days of transition training (minimum 10 hours) and the first recurrent training day after one year are included in the kit price to make sure that you and your plane are completely prepared for safe operation.

WITH PROSOur Approved Build and Support Centers are ready to support you with your build.arrow


Pratt & Whitney provides the PT6A-135A, the most reliable turbine ever built

We are the only kit manufacturer that can sell the GFC700 autopilot

A Ballistic Parachute Recovery System is available on all Evolution aircraft

Lycoming is the “Power of Choice” for our Piston Evolution Aircraft


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