Evolution Aircraft Safety

What Defines Aircraft Safety?


What makes an airframe “safe”? Foremost it would be benign, predictable flying qualities and wide operating envelope. It’s in the numbers. The Evolution provides low and predictable stall speeds. A 61 KIAS Vso on the low end and 190 KIAS Va indicates great low-speed handling as well as the ability to safely penetrate unforeseen turbulence or maneuver if necessary. The 256 KIAS Vne is also clear evidence of the incredible strength of the Carbon Fiber airframe.

If the reliability and glide ratio 18:1 of the Evolution is still not enough and your mission puts you frequently over unreasonable landing opportunities, the Evolution is the only Turboprop available with Evolution Emergency Airframe Parachute System (EEAPS). This specifically designed Ballistic Recovery System can be deployed by anyone in the cabin to bring the aircraft safely to the ground under the canopy of a parachute. The thermal wing de-icing system and ETouch flightdeck interface provide additional passive safety features. When it comes to aircraft safety, facts and figures equate peace of mind.